Why Sellers Need More Than a ‘Neighborhood Specialist’

Do you know how EXACTLY how much exposure your home is getting?

Do you know how EXACTLY how much exposure your home is getting?

While globalization becomes an everyday word, there is no doubt we are moving to a global economy.  It is not news that many of the products we use today are from all around the world. As the world continues to “get smaller” and people are increasingly becoming “world citizens,” it is more important than ever to have a Listing Agent that fully embraces the need to be internationally connected and understands how critically important it is. Sellers are starting to understand more than ever how essential it is to have an Agent with a global network to get maximum results.

The ability to market internationally is a tool every agent should have in their toolkit. In certain markets in particular, agents are likely doing their sellers a disservice by not marketing internationally. While the majority of real estate professional are only focused on hyper-local exposure, Global Agents take marketing to a global level for their clients.

The San Francisco Bay Area is a hot spot for International buyers willing to pay top dollar for our real estate; it is more critical than ever for Luxury Sellers to make sure they hire an agent with a true global reach.


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