The REAL side of Real Estate– Managing the ‘sometimes’ stress that comes with it!

I need a moment to vent… and also share with you the real side of real estate. It’s not always sunshine and roses in our business. Sure, you see all the beautiful listings that real estate agents have, you see the pics and posts of offers getting accepted, of the families beaming with pride when they get the keys to their dream home or first home (not always synonymous)…but people rarely post about the trials and stresses of what we do. I mean, THIS IS FACEBOOK and the internet, everything has to “look great”, right? The fact is- buying a home is STRESSFUL! As much as we love what we do, it doesn’t come without it’s trials.

The process that we go through, right alongside our clients can be nerve-wracking and downright heart-wrenching at times. We have sleepless nights, we cry (I do more than my husband….lol), we freakout… and then we have to pull ourselves together to be strong for our clients and to take care of business. As you know, this is SERIOUS stuff we are dealing with: people’s lives, their future, their life savings in some cases!! Scott and I take this business VERY personally… our clients are like our families.

A real estate transaction for buyers and sellers can be an emotional roller coaster ride; exhilarating and frightening at the same time… waiting for offers to come in is stressful, gathering every piece of paper for the loan process can be overwhelming, reading through home inspections can be daunting, meeting all the deadlines on the contract, financially preparing for repairs and home improvements along with your new, most likely increased housing payment, property taxes, on top of everything else, the stresses that come with packing and moving; sometimes the only thing that keeps our clients going is the excitement of getting their keys and stepping into THEIR home for the first time… the home that they worked so hard to save for, the house that they are turning into a home for their new family, the home that they plan to create family traditions and make lifelong memories in.

Real side of Real Estate

The hardest part of our business is trying to manage things out of our control. I always try to remind myself to have gratitude, even if it is after a good cry or a restless night. We are blessed to be here to actually have this experience. We are blessed to have the opportunity and ability to work and bond with such wonderful people that are our clients. We are blessed to be able to serve our clients at a high level and truly take care of them. Everything isn’t always perfect in a real estate transaction… and I certainly know that; however, I can’t help but take these imperfections personally sometimes. For example, we have a client who’s life is turned upside down at the moment because they can’t move into their new home because the seller is delaying the close- and our buyers, along with their children, are on the verge of becoming “homeless”, their stress level is nothing I can directly fix in the timeframe we need. Now of course, we will not allow them to become homeless, we will set them up in temporary housing of some sort… But the stress that comes along with an experience like this is insurmountable for our clients.

We will get them through this… there will be a delay and more stress to come, but we WILL get them through this. We are their fiduciary and their “partners” in this transaction; we all felt like Rockstars when their offer was accepted and now, on the other end, we all feel like we’ve all aged tremendously in the last week after all that has transpired…. But we will be back to our old selves (in our “young” bodies)<insert smile and chuckle here> when we recover from this experience and get the keys to the new pad! There is a light at the end of tunnel… we just have to keep moving toward it!



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