Thinking Of Selling?

There are four things you must consider when selling; pricing, showing, availability, and marketing.

Surprisingly, most agents do not have an understanding much less a plan around all these factors.  They might hang their hat on one of them and think it is going to carry them through, hoping that the one thing they know will make up for all the rest.  This is a grave mistake.  Focusing your efforts on only one or two of these key factors will always leave a seller coming up short.

Call Agent International +1.800.295.8923

Call Agent International +1.800.295.8923 today!

Agent International has put together a team of professionals that collectively, have an acute understanding of each of these selling factors and how to bring them together for maximum success.  Agent International understands the science and psychology behind pricing and why that pricing is so important.  But pricing is only 25% of how long a home will spend on the market and what it will eventually sell for.  Showing and availability make up 50% of the selling equation but often get zero attention.  Creating a compelling digital and physical experience of the home for potential buyers is a key focal point for Agent International and something they really shine at.

Finally, marketing; this may be the game changer for Agent International.  We, of course, have a strong local marketing presence with print and digital reaching over 40,000 local home owners regularly.  However, our global marketing reaches over 600,000 real estate agents in over 140 countries.  Agent International essentially has an army of agents working to sell your home!

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