Global Real Estate is Local

We are sure it is no surprise to you to hear us say “Global is the NEW local.”  While globalization becomes an everyday word, there is no doubt we are moving to a global economy.  It is not news that many of the products we use today are from all around the world.  In fact, that is what allows us to have economies of scale.  When you specialize in one thing, you can produce the highest quality at the lowest production cost and sell it in markets all around the world.  Usually, commanding a premium price.   We dare to guess that if you think of any country or region of the world you will immediately think of what they specialize in.

The internet has really allowed common people to do just that; to shop for the best price for a product anywhere in the world and have it shipped right to our doors.  The speed at which a Youtube video or a Tweet can go viral and be seen by millions is staggering.  So the question is, with such technology available to us, why aren’t agents marketing property globally?  Why aren’t they leveraging the tools to get sellers maximum exposure?  With buyers coming from all parts of the world to buy property in the Bay Area why aren’t agents marketing their listings across the world, taking them viral?  The truth is most agents aren’t even aware of the need or even in tune with the market.  They are still aspiring to becoming the “neighborhood specialist.”  The rest of the agents don’t even know where to start; it seems too daunting of a task.  Most agents think, “It’s hard enough to get a listing when you are the ‘neighborhood specialist’ let alone learning about real estate around the world”.

Well, we were up for the task.  Yes, it seemed a big task but a necessary one if we were truly going to deliver the best service possible for our luxury sellers.  Almost 30% of the buyers in our market are international, 30%!  These buyers want to buy in the US and particularly in the Bay Area for a multitude of reasons; they want a safe place to park their money, they are working here, they want our University system for their children, the weather and location, and a whole host of other reasons.  These buyers have a different value of money and of real estate than we do domestically.  Because of this difference they are often times willing to pay more than a domestic buyer would pay because of what the value of owning that home represents to them.

Agent International has embraced Globalization and is in-fact choosing to leverage it.  Because of our relationships around the globe with other international agents, we have secured streams of international buyers for our domestic listings.  Additionally, we have secured numerous international listings.  We’re not telling you this to just showoff that we have spectacular international listings around the globe, we’re telling you this so you will understand how these listings benefit you!

When you search the web for something; (98% of buyers for real estate start their search on the web [NAR]) your search begins at a local level based on your IP address.  So, if you are in Alamo and you google “real estate in France” Google will look for the most local sites that match that search.  This means that local buyers and sellers interested in France may come across us first because we have a listing in France. You might think “that is great but how does it help me?”  Think of the reverse.  When local buyers and sellers in France are searching for “Real estate in San Francisco” they find our listings that show up locally in their search because of our partners in France.  This is not exclusive to France.  This also happens in Canada, Europe, Asia, BRICK, Africa, Australia, and many other countries.  The power of our network allows your listing here in the San Francisco Bay Area to show up on local searches all around the world; from Anchorage to Zürich, we bring the world to your front door.  Agent International has truly made “Global the New Local.”  Ping us today through text, Skype, e-mail or voice to start a discussion.